Shalonda Houchens, N.P.

Shalonda Houchens, Nurse Practitioner (NP), is a skilled and compassionate healthcare professional. Her strong academic foundation and extensive experience in various healthcare settings make her a valuable addition to the team.

Shalonda earned her Master of Nursing (MA) degree from Chamberlain University, where she developed a thorough understanding of advanced nursing practice. This education equipped her with the skills and knowledge to provide patient-centered care.

Before joining DE NeuroRehab, Shalonda gained substantial experience in renowned healthcare institutions. She previously worked at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in the Neuroscience Unit, providing specialized care to patients with neurological conditions. This role allowed her to deepen her expertise in neuroscience and patient management.

Shalonda also worked at TidalHealth in the COVID and Neuroscience Units. Her experience during the COVID-19 pandemic honed her adaptability and ability to provide excellent care under challenging circumstances. Her work in the neuroscience unit further reinforced her dedication to advancing the well-being of her patients.
Additionally, Shalonda contributed her expertise to HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital, where she focused on helping patients recover and regain their independence through rehabilitation services. Her patient-focused approach and commitment to individualized care were key to her success in this role.

At DE NeuroRehab, Shalonda Houchens, NP, continues to apply her extensive experience and passion for neurorehabilitation to help patients on their journey to recovery. Her compassionate care and dedication to improving patient outcomes make her an essential part of the team. Through her work, Shalonda strives to enhance the quality of life for those facing neurological challenges, providing personalized support and expertise at every step.